Understanding How to Deal With Opportunity Questions in Your Testimony

Costa Mesa employment lawyerA Costa Mesa employment lawyer will help you to understand general rules you should follow when giving your testimony during a deposition including how to handle opportunity questions.

Your Costa Mesa Employment Law Attorney Will Explain Opportunity Questions

When giving your testimony, there might come a time when the defense attorney asks what are known as “opportunity questions.” As the name implies, these will give you the chance to give damning testimony. You want to grasp this opportunity. If you miss it, it can significantly harm your case.

Examples of Misses and Hits on Opportunity Questions From a Costa Mesa Employment Lawyer

The following is an example of a missed opportunity question:

Question: Why do you think you were fired?

Answer: I have no idea. They can tell you why better than I can.

Question: Were you informed why you were being fired?

Answer: I was told my position was being eliminated.

Now here are examples of hits on an opportunity question:

Question: Why do you think you were fired?

Answer: I think I was fired because I protested when I was being sexually harassed by my boss.

Question: Why do you think you were fired after complaining?

Answer: I lodged my complaint a week before I was dismissed. My boss was one of the people who decided to let me go along with the individual I complained to. They said that my position was being eliminated. This didn’t fit with the performance evaluation I had gotten three months earlier when my rating was judged as excellent. In fact, my position wasn’t eliminated. Someone else took my job. Also, at the time of my hiring, my boss said that I was working directly for him and those who had been judged as “crossing” him were terminated.

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