Understanding How to Testify Successfully During Your Deposition in an Employment Case

Orange County employment law officeClients of an attorney from the Orange County employment law office frequently have questions about how to have a successful testimony in a deposition during employment litigation.

How Your Orange County Employment Lawyer Will Prepare You for Your Testimony

The deposition you give as the plaintiff is imperative during discovery. It is key that you and your lawyer make the proper preparations for this testimony. You need to:

  1. Have an understanding of the process;
  2. Make sure you have your facts straight and explain them in an organized fashion; and
  3. Stay on alert for traps that the defense attorney will try to spring to make your testimony lose credibility.

When the Deposition Will Take Place

Defendants and their attorneys sometimes attempt to make you nervous prior to your deposition. There are a number of ways they will try to do this. One is to have the deposition scheduled on short notice without concern as to what is convenient for you and your lawyer. The law provides what is known as “reasonable notice” for the deposition. In general, you will receive at least ten days’ notice. The attorney for the employer will usually have to get in touch with your lawyer prior to officially notifying you of your deposition date. This is known as a Notice of Deposition. If you don’t receive this, you can:

  1. Decide that you are prepared and give the deposition;
  2. File a motion with the court for a protective order; and
  3. Choose not to appear at the deposition.

Attorneys will generally prefer the second option.

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