Informal Discovery: an Orange County Employment Attorney Explains

Orange County employment attorney This blog discusses the strategies you and your Orange County employment attorney might face as you pursue your case.

Witness Testimony
Opposing counsel will gather testimony from as many of the people concerned with the case as possible. These are the management staff, the people you worked with and immediately under, anyone who might have been present when the incidents took place and any other relevant personnel. Defense counsel will be looking for information such as the interviewee’s relationship to you and the company, your work performance, specifics about the alleged harassment, any related occurrences and any existing animosity against you.

Requirements for the Interviewer
There are certain obligations that you and your Orange County employment lawyer will expect of the defense attorney. These include:

  • Establishing and outlining the purpose, procedures and preliminary matters involved;
  • Stressing that while nothing is suspected of the witness, the inquiry is to protect the interests of the company and he or she may have needed information;
  • Stressing that although some unpleasantness might be involved, the interview cannot be avoided if the company is to build a defense;
  • Reminding the employee that veracity is required and stating that no harm can come to the employee as a reprisal for speaking openly, as the law forbids such actions;
  • Requesting any additional information and ending with thanks for the employee’s cooperation; and
  • Protecting the witness’s privacy under attorney-client privilege and advising the witness to say nothing to anyone of what was discussed.

Defense counsel will evaluate the information and identify witnesses who may prove more helpful to you and your Orange County employment lawyer than to the employer.

Call for Assistance
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