An Employment Lawyer in Orange County Discusses the Deposition

employment lawyer in Orange County In this blog, an employment lawyer in Orange county explains the opposing counsel’s purposes during a deposition.

Tie You Down
Counsel for the opposition will attempt to lock down your testimony during deposition so that it cannot be altered later. Once you have made a recorded statement, any inconsistencies will be questioned, and your case could be severely damaged. Once you have been recorded as saying that one of your coworkers made unacceptable remarks to you three times, you cannot tell the judge at trial that the incidents numbered several times that many. By remaining consistent and providing the most accurate and comprehensive testimony you are capable of, you protect yourself, your credibility and your case.

Expose a Falsehood
Your employment attorney in Orange county cannot help you if you lie. If you attempt to deceive during deposition, the truth will certainly come out, and your situation will worsen dramatically. Whether the truth is beneficial or harmful to your case, tell it anyway. An unsavory truth can be dealt with, but a deliberate falsehood can ruin you.

Obtain Statements That Support the Opposition
If the opposing counsel can lead you into admitting something that benefits their case at your expense, they will certainly try. Your employment attorney in Orange county will provide you with the guidance you need to avoid such a trap.

Get Your Measure
The goal of the opposition is to determine exactly what kind of witness you will make when you take the stand. They want to know how strong or weak you will appear, whether or not you are believable, how you will hold up during questioning and myriad other particulars. Your attorney will assist you as you prepare for deposition so that you can present yourself properly.

Know What You’re Up Against
Never go into a deposition situation blind. Engage the services of Daily Aljian LLP, your employment lawyer in Orange County, by calling 949-861-2524 today.