Tips on Employment Performance Reviews

A Costa Mesa employment lawyer may offer tips to employers regarding how to conduct employee performance reviews. Conducting such reviews can provide employers with routine feedback and anticipate needs for the work environment. This process also results in documentation of employment issues that arise within the scope of employment.

Performance Standards

A Costa Mesa employment attorney can explain that employers should begin the process by having clear performance standards. By having an objective blueprint of this information, employers can clearly articulate their business needs and desires and employees know what can be expected of them. These standards should detail the duties and achievements that workers are expected to complete. These standards should be linked with the specific job.


In order to establish a comprehensive system that evaluates employee performance, documentation is key. Each employee should have an individual log kept of his or her reviews. This document should detail important events, whether good or bad. Any disciplinary reports should also be maintained. If the event needs immediate feedback, this should be completed and given to the employee in writing.

Best Practices

In order to glean the most important information during this process, there are several ways that employers can communicate information. For example, feedback should be specific so that important information is conveyed. Additionally, there should be deadlines centered around the completion of goals or work tasks. Honest feedback is pivotal to the process.

Legal Assistance

For more information on this topic, contact a Costa Mesa employment lawyer from Daily Aljian LLP.

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