Federal Minimum Wage Law

An Orange County employment law lawyer can explain that there are different rules regarding the minimum wage based on federal law and state law. The federal minimum wage was $7.25 an hour in 2015. At the same time, the California minimum wage was $9 an hour. There may be additional living wage laws in certain cities and counties that establish a higher minimum wage in those area. The employer is responsible for paying the minimum wage that is highest between the city, state and national amount. Although the California minimum wage is historically higher than the federal minimum wage, there are important components of the law that are important for California employers to be aware of.

Salary Pay

For example, an Orange County employment law lawyer can explain that simply because the law is stated in hourly terms does not mean that employers are required to pay employees by the hour. They can pay employees a salary, wages plus tips or by commission, as long at the total amount that they are paid is equal to the minimum wage based on the number of hours that they worked.

Employers Required to Pay Federal Minimum Wage

The Fair Labor Standards Act sets the minimum wage. Most employers fall under its purview. However, some do not. Businesses are usually required to obey this law if they have $500,000 or more in annual sales or if employees work in interstate commerce.

Legal Assistance

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