Recovering Lost Wages After Wrongful Termination

With the assistance of an Orange County employment lawyer, a wrongfully terminated employee can seek to recover lost wages from his or her former employer. However, there is a catch: the plaintiff must show that he or she attempted to find equivalent employment after being fired.

Calculating Lost Wages

The term “lost wages” applies to the income no longer received by the employee due to his or her termination. In Orange County employment law, the employer may be responsible for paying an unjustly dismissed employee for lost wages if:

  • The plaintiff attempted to find employment after being fired from the defendant’s workplace.
  • The plaintiff can prove that he or she undertook a job search and was unable to obtain an equivalent position (this is where an Orange County employment lawyer may help).
  • The plaintiff did not refuse an equivalent position offered by another employer.

Providing Evidence of an Employee’s Job Search

Orange County employment lawyerAn Orange County employment lawyer’s first step may be to gather evidence that the plaintiff sought similar employment after termination. For instance, these documents can help to prove that the plaintiff conducted a thorough job search:

  • Applications
  • Revised resumes
  • Interview records
  • Offer or rejection letters
  • Written communications
  • Contact information for all the people the plaintiff encountered during his or her job search

A Consultation With an Orange County Employment Law Attorney May Ease Your Worries

If you think you might be entitled to reparations for wrongful termination, call Daily Aljian LLP at (949) 861-2524. An Orange County employment lawyer may be able to help you recover your lost wages.

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