An Employment Lawyer in Orange County Explains How to Fight Back When You Still Have a Job

An employment lawyer in Orange County can tell you that there are several tactics that can be used to challenge an employer’s improper actions. As an employee, you are required to participate in the investigation—you should therefore keep a record of everything to prove that you cooperated fully with the employer.

Giving an Interview

employment lawyer in Orange CountyOne important piece of advice is to never give two interviews. Once you make a formal complaint with your employer as part of the review, you should never discuss it with them again.

Another good suggestion is to make sure you set up rules when it comes to your interview. It is best if they are outlined in writing. However, before that, your Orange County employment law lawyer will tell you that you should find out whether that sit-down will occur with a third-party investigator or your employer’s counsel. It is also paramount to find out if this sit-down is considered privileged information because it takes place between a lawyer and a client. If it is not considered privileged and is not being conducted by a third-party investigator, it is difficult to decline to participate in the sit-down. If it is considered privileged, however, it may be in your best interest to decline.

Figuring Out an Employer’s Motive

The best way to figure out where an employer stands in terms of the investigation is to have your employment lawyer in Orange County write a letter on your behalf. For example, the letter may reference your harassment claim and say that you are willing to participate in any investigation once you receive a written statement saying it is being conducted under federal and state laws and the company’s anti-harassment rules. Also, obtain a statement in writing that the company is not considering it privileged information. As soon as you get that information, let the employer know that you will be available to participate.

Contact an Orange County Employment Law Lawyer for Assistance

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