Questions You Might Be Asked at an Employment Deposition

When you are involved in an employment case, an Orange County commercial litigation lawyer will tell you that you will be asked certain questions regarding your former job. It is important to be prepared for these questions at the deposition.

Questions About the Time Preceding Your Hiring

Orange County commercial litigation lawyerThe following are questions you might be asked about the circumstances that led to your hiring. Your Orange County commercial litigation attorney will prepare you for these questions.

  1. What led to your decision to seek employment with your former employer?
  2. Can you provide details as to what happened when you applied and were interviewed?
  3. Did you apply with a job application, a resume or both?
  4. Were you truthful on your job application or resume?
  5. Did you tell any lies while your were being interviewed, or were you truthful?
  6. Do you remember what you were told while you were taking part in the process in which you applied and were interviewed for the job?
  7. What, if any, documents were you given while you were taking part in the application and interview process?
  8. Were you offered a job?

Subsequent Questions Your Orange County Commercial Litigation Lawyer Will Prepare You for

After that first set of questions relating to the interview and application process, your Orange County commercial litigation attorney will get you ready for questions following your hiring and information about harassment and discrimination policies. They will be similar to the following:

  1. Do you remember what you were told while you were undergoing orientation for the new job?
  2. Were you given any documents during the orientation?
  3. Were you given a list of rules for new employees in handbook or other forms? Did you read this information? Was there information regarding being harassed and/or discriminated against at work?
  4. Were you trained in any particular way for the job?
  5. Were there signs or posters about harassing and/or discriminating behavior at your place of work?
  6. Were you given training to deal with harassing and/or discriminating behavior?

Questions About the Actual Work

It is important for your Orange County commercial litigation lawyer to prepare you for questions about your time as an employee. The following kinds of questions will be asked:

  1. What were your job descriptions and jobs you performed at your former job?
  2. Did you have supervisors, underlings or coworkers? Who were they?
  3. Did you receive evaluations of your performance at work? How were they?
  4. Did you ever receive any discipline?
  5. Did you receive a promotion or demotion?
  6. What hours of the day were you working?
  7. What is the location of your former place of employment?
  8. Did you ever complain about an incident at work or anything else?
  9. Did you have what you would consider a friend or friends while employed at this location?
  10. Did you ever suffer an injury at work? Was a workers’ compensation claim ever filed at this job?
  11. If you quit, why? If you were fired, why?

Contact an Experienced Attorney

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