An Orange County Employment Law Lawyer Discusses Dealing With the Reinstatement Offer

Dealing with reinstatement offers is one of the trickier parts of employment law. If you are having trouble in this area, consider contacting an  Orange County employment law lawyer for assistance.

An  Orange County Employment Law Lawyer Can Evaluate the Reinstatement Offer

Orange County employment law attorneys know that reinstatement offers are supposed to be bona fide and unconditional. If that is the case with yours, your  Orange County employment law lawyer can see if the offer is basically identical to your old job. He will examine criteria such as job conditions, required tasks, salary, status, and possibilities for promotion.

Your  Orange County Employment Law Lawyer Can Help With Vague Offers

Many times,  Orange County employment law lawyers are called upon to help when an offer of reinstatement is unclear. At times, such offers include little more than a job title and salary. Your lawyers can write a letter to your superiors to help garner more details about the offer.

An  Orange County Employment Law Lawyer Explains Offers for Different Job Positions

Orange County employment law lawyerLet’s say that your reinstatement offer is for a different job position than the one you previously had with the company. In this case, your attorney might request a specific list of the new duties and responsibilities you are expected to perform. He may also request proof that the new job holds the same potential for promotion as your former one did.

If you have never heard of the job position your company is offering you, your attorney may help you determine whether the position was created expressly for you—which may be evidence that the offer is not for a real position and therefore not bona fide.

An  Orange County Employment Law Lawyer Explains Cases of Retaliation and Discrimination

Talk to an attorney if your case involves retaliation, discrimination, or both. Your legal counsel may want to check what, if any, parts will be played in your new job by the people who discriminated or retaliated against you.

An  Orange County Employment Law Attorney Can Help

It’s important to know how to deal with reinstatement offers. Contact an Orange County employment law lawyer at Daily Aljian, LLP at 949-861-2524.

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