An Irvine Business Lawyer Explains How to Have a Successful Deposition

Laying the groundwork for a successful deposition testimony in employment litigation requires a number of things, including keeping the facts of your case confidential. An Irvine business lawyer can explain more about how to prepare a strong deposition.

An Irvine Business Lawyer Discusses Avoiding Potential Lawsuit Pitfalls

Irvine business lawyerTwo pitfalls can be avoided as you and your attorney begin preparing for your deposition. The first has to do with attorney-client privilege, which basically protects all conversations a client had with his or her attorney. This privilege can be protected if you refrain from telling anyone else about what the two of you discussed. It also is a good idea to not share any documents with others.

Another serious pitfall has to do with what happens if you discussed details of your case with others besides your Irvine business attorney. During your deposition, you may be required to list every person you spoke to about your case and the details of the discussions. This drags out a case and gives your employer’s attorney a chance to talk to the others you had discussions with, which can potentially weaken your case. In addition, the people you talked to may not remember the discussions the way you did, which gives your employer’s attorney a chance to argue that you are not telling the truth.

Contact an Irvine Business Attorney for Assistance

Keeping quiet about your employment case is vital. If you have questions about your case, contact an Irvine business lawyer at Daily Aljian LLP: 949-861-2524.

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