An Orange County Employment Attorney Discusses Your Duty to Mitigate Damages

When pursuing a false termination or sexual harassment claim, there are certain requirements you have to meet, which your Orange County employment attorney will tell you about.

What Is the Duty to Mitigate Damages?

The most important requirement is your duty to “mitigate your damages.” This means that you must make a reasonable effort to find employment comparable to what you had before. This will be an important topic during your deposition, which your Orange County employment lawyer will want to make sure you can answer.

Examples of Questions You May Face

Orange County employment attorneyYou will be asked detailed questions by the opposing counsel:

  • What have you done to find another job?
  • Have you contacted any headhunters or job recruiters?
  • Have you look at classified ads?
  • Have you networked with friends or relatives?

Additionally, your Orange County employment attorney will ask you questions about how your job search has gone:

  • Have you updated your resume?
  • Where have you sent it?
  • Have you been contacted for any interviews?
  • Have you received any offers of employment?
  • Did you refuse any work?

If you are claiming lost benefits in addition to lost wages, your Orange County employment lawyer will need to determine the value of the wages. Usually, this requires contacting your former employer or asking an economic expert to calculate the damages to ask about the benefits programs that were available to you.

Make sure that your Orange County employment attorney prepares you to answer any questions about benefits from your former employers.

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