An Orange County Employment Attorney Explains Whether You Can Sue an Employer and the Company

If an employee alleges discrimination, retaliation, or other misconduct at work, the law allows him or her to sue both the employee responsible for the conduct—such as a supervisor—and the company itself. The right person to help handle defense for such a case is an Orange County employment attorney.

An Orange County Employment Attorney Can Help With Your Claim

Orange County employment attorneyIn order for an Orange County employment attorney to help with your defense, the employee’s alleged misconduct must have occurred while he or she was operating under the scope of his or her job. If the alleged misconduct occurred in this manner, consider hiring an Orange County employment lawyer for joint representation of both employee and company. It can be a cost-effective option to help keep legal expenses to a minimum. It also presents a unified front when dealing with opposing counsel, and assists in ensuring that the discriminating employer or company cooperates with the litigation.

Orange County Employment Attorneys Discuss Conduct Outside the Scope of Employment

What happens if the employee who was accused of misconduct wasn’t acting within the scope of employment? In that case, Orange County employment attorneys will not be able to offer joint representation. This is because there may be a conflict of interest between the individual defendant and the company. Moreover, usually an employer will not be under any obligation to indemnify employees who have engaged in wrong conduct outside the scope of employment.

Orange County Employment Attorneys Discuss Joint Representation

Before offering joint representation, your lawyers will want to consult with your employer. If there is no perceived conflict of interest, your Orange County employment lawyer will offer a consent letter. This letter explains any potential conflicts of interest, the potential pros and cons of joint representation, and what—if any—legal consequences there might be to the different types of representation.

An Orange County Employment Lawyer Can Help

If you need additional assistance from an Orange County employment attorney, contact Daily Aljian, LLP at 949-861-2524. Call today to discuss your case with qualified legal counsel who can answer your questions regarding employment law.

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