A Costa Mesa Employment Attorney Examines Insurance Policies and How They Affect Claims

A Costa Mesa Employment Lawyer Discusses Whether the Claim Is Covered

As your Costa Mesa employment attorney is aware, management will first refer to its insurance policies to determine whether or not your claim is included in any of them. As expenditures for defense must have prior authorization under many policies, this must be established early and the carrier must be informed so that any pertinent time restrictions can be met.

A Costa Mesa Employment Attorney Explains What Kind of Insurance Is Involved

Costa Mesa employment attorneyNormally, coverage will be provided through a CGL (Comprehensive General Liability) or an EPLI (Employment Practices Liability Insurance) policy. Directors’ and Officers’ policies can also cover individual employee defendants. A Costa Mesa employment lawyer can tell you that general liability policies do not usually cover intentional torts imputed to the company, but this may be indemnified through an EPLI insurance.

A Costa Mesa Employment Attorney Explains Negligence Claims

Torts perpetrated outside the workplace may also be covered. Depending on the state, coverage for intentional discrimination or punitive damages might differ. As a Costa Mesa employment attorney can explain, coverage of a claim requires the insurance carrier to provide defense and indemnity for the employer for losses sustained.

If Coverage Is Uncertain

Your Costa Mesa employment attorney can explain that in such cases, the insurance carrier issues a “reservation of rights” letter stating their ability to deny liability in future should they deem it necessary. An employer who has been so notified may retain its own counsel. The insurance company need only pay a lawyer competitive fees, and may not attend to coverage until legal action is completed.

Be Sure You Understand the Law

Insurance matters related to employment law can be extremely complex. Be sure you have a skilled, experienced Costa Mesa employment attorney working for you. Call Daily Aljian LLP at 949-861-2524 today to schedule a free initial consultation with a dedicated legal advocate who can inform you of your rights and explain how to protect them.

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