An Orange County Employment Attorney Explains What Attorneys Look for

Why Might a Lawyer Not Want to Work With Me?

Orange County employment attorneyAn Orange County employment attorney can learn a great deal by assessing the positive and negative aspects in a prospective client’s personality. This helps the attorney to assess the possibility of how the client might relate not only to the attorney but ultimately to a jury as well. The process is largely intuitive, but there are certain “red flags” that can signal to the Orange County employment lawyer that this person might not make a good prospect. Some of these might be:

  • “I’ve been to every law firm in town. They just won’t challenge the big boys. I think they’re scared.”
  • “Corporate’s terrified of cases like mine. They’ll settle. They always do, just so they don’t have to face the press.”
  • “I didn’t do anything that everybody else isn’t doing, so if they didn’t lose their jobs, I shouldn’t have lost mine.”
  • “My boss hates me. My evaluations are always awful and that’s why. My boss wants me to be fired, so he stacked the deck against me.”
  • “Everybody in my office would back me up if they didn’t think they’d get fired for it, but if they’re put on the stand they’ll speak up honestly.”
  • “This case is worth a fortune. It’ll make us both rich.”
  • “You know my case will bring a huge settlement, so I don’t see why I should have to pay any costs at all. That should be your responsibility, not mine.”

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