An Orange County Employment Attorney Discusses the Cast of Characters

How Do Attorneys Plan an Employer-Employee Dispute Case?

Orange County employment attorneyBoth the employer’s attorney and your Orange County employment attorney will, as they prepare their cases, will assemble a document that lists everyone involved—including each person’s contact information, a sequential report of exactly what happened, and some additional case theories. If you are the plaintiff, you will probably be involved in the first two steps in the initial stages, or your involvement may take place as the pertinent information is gathered for the case. This evidence gathering process is referred to as discovery.

When Will the Defense Start Working on This?

Your Orange County employment attorney can tell you that once the employer’s attorney has received the complaint, he or she will begin a similar discovery process.

What Is Meant by the “Cast of Characters”?

This refers to a list of everyone involved in the case, including witnesses, defendants, etc., how and where each person can be reached (addresses, work and home phone numbers, fax numbers, cell phone numbers and email addresses), along with additional information about each person’s background.

What Background Information Should I Include?

Include everything you know. Even seemingly unimportant details can be quite significant, and do not overlook any negative or derogatory information about each person. Your Orange County employment attorney will need this to extract any information that may be useful against the other side. You should also include the relationship of each of the parties involved to you, such as whether they are likely to be supportive, as a friend would be, or hostile to you in that they won’t work with you at all or will speak to your disadvantage. If you don’t know whether one of the individuals is a friend or a foe, you should indicate that as well.

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