Irvine Business Litigation Attorneys Discuss the Impact of a Reinstatement Offer

The majority of employers and employees cannot continue to work together once the employee has been fired and filed a suit against the employer. However, some employers will make a reinstatement offer to limit the damages the individual employee will seek in his or her legal action. Before making any decision as to whether accept or reject a reinstatement offer, it is in your best interest to first consult with Irvine business litigation attorneys.

Issues to Consider Before Making a Decision

Irvine business litigation attorneysBefore making a decision with regards to a reinstatement offer, your Irvine business litigation lawyers will need to determine whether the offer is an “unconditional.” If the offer is not proper or unconditional, it cannot be used to limit the damages you may seek in your suit.

As such, in order to decide what to do, you and your Irvine business litigation attorneys must first determine whether your former employer is offering you an “unconditional offer of reinstatement.”

Unconditional Offer of Reinstatement

To determine whether an offer is unconditional, the following must be considered:

  • Whether there are any identical or similar terms or conditions to what you previously had
  • Whether the offer is truly unconditional
  • Whether you can clearly document that the offer was made in good faith

Once you have determined that the offer is unconditional, you should then consult with your Irvine business litigation lawyers whether it is safe to turn the offer down.

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