An Irvine Employment Lawyer Discusses Internet Sources

What Can Corporate Websites Tell Us?

Irvine employment lawyerYour Irvine employment lawyer can explain that most corporate websites are excellent sources of information when it comes to preparing a lawsuit against them. They contain (in addition to other vital information) the following:

  • Financial and corporate yearly reports, records filed with SEC, etc.
  • Index of all parent, subsidiary and other corporate entities
  • A narrative about the company
  • A register of senior personnel with biographical information
  • Publications/announcements to the press
  • Employment openings

How Does This Help?

Your Irvine employment lawyer can point out that website information can either refute or uphold management’s assertions. Reference to corporate financial reports can eliminate or support the possibility of a hardship claim on management’s part, as in the case of a bad economy. Furthermore, the company cannot claim that an employee was let go due to cutbacks if the website reflects that they’re actually recruiting in that employee’s position.

What About the Defense Attorney’s Website?

The website of a defense law firm specializing in employment law can be extremely useful to the plaintiff’s counsel. It can reveal information about the legal staff, publications by the attorneys, bulletins for their clientele, and the like.

The Weblog

Blogging is a common outlet for unhappy employees to voice their feelings and/or air their complaints against management. Review of an employee’s blog can yield a wealth of information. Further, it can bring to light similar complaints as others comment on what has been written. To find blogs on the Internet, try:


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