An Employment Lawyer in Orange County Discusses Employer Tricks

Your employment lawyer in Orange County can warn you that employers have been known to use manipulation in order to elicit information while avoiding any genuine attempt at a resolution.

How Might They Do This?

employment lawyer in Orange CountyCounsel for management informs you that they want to meet with you—but your employment lawyer in Orange County is not invited. Management justifies this by telling you that this measure is taken to satisfy their legal obligations. They might invoke attorney-client confidentiality or some other legal doctrine. Thus, the employer is protected, whether the results of the investigation are advantageous or not. If they are advantageous, then management can relinquish the “privilege” and introduce both the reports and witness notes to back up their case. If they are not, management will retain the privilege. This buries the information so that no one ever finds out that their own investigation proved you right.

What Does This Mean for Me?

You have two options, neither of them good:

  • You can say no. This allows management to carry out a superficial examination and later claim that since you were so uncooperative, this was the best they could do. They can also say that your refusal casts doubt on your claim. After all, wouldn’t you take an active part in this investigation if your allegations had any real truth to them? Management may also actually discharge you based on your refusal.
  • If you agree, however, they accomplish their goal. You have no benefit of counsel and management finds out what they needs to know.

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