A Mission Viejo Employment Lawyer Recommends Cleaning Up Your Online Image

The Dangers of Posting Information on the Internet

Mission Viejo employment lawyerYour Mission Viejo employment lawyer will warn you never to post anything on the Internet that you don’t want the world to see—because the world will see it. Social networking sites, blogs and the like have two serious disadvantages:

  1. It’s dangerously easy to forget about what you might have posted on your own blog or website, those of your friends or relatives, social networking sites, job-seeker web sites, fraternity/sorority websites, match-making websites and so on. The list of places where information about you might be found is practically endless, and the information posted there may or not be flattering. Further, blogs rise and fall in popularity, but the information is still out there and can be accessed. 
  2. It is also possible that you may, without realizing it, post what is, in a legal situation, considered disparaging or harmful—in legal language, “negative” or “derogatory.” You may not immediately see the connection between suggestive pictures on a blog or social site and a sexual harassment case currently in progress; however, your Mission Viejo employment lawyer will surely request that such images be removed. Similarly, you may have posted a passionate diatribe about a racial issue and yet consider it to be completely irrelevant to your age discrimination case—but your attorney would strongly recommend that the remarks be deleted.

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