How Were You Hired?

Once you retain a skilled Orange County employment lawyer, he or she will begin to gather facts and information in order to strengthen your discrimination claim. After obtaining background facts on you and the defendant, your attorney will ask you specific questions about the hiring process you went through.

Your Orange County employment lawyer will want to know when you were hired and who did the hiring. You should give your attorney information about whether or not there were any explicit promises or representations made at the time of hiring. Equally important is whether or not the employer omitted or failed to divulge any information that you should have gotten at that point.

You should also answer specific questions regarding the details of your employment. Let your attorney know the exact position that you were hired for, the salary that you and your prospective employer agreed upon, and whether or not there were any employment benefits. Tell your lawyer whether you signed an employment contract that that point. You might have signed one, or you may have just signed an offer letter. In addition, you might have signed other documents, such as an Acknowledgement of Receipt of Employee Handbook or an Acknowledgement of Receipt of Arbitration Agreement.

Finally, let your attorney know whether or not the employer ended up keeping all the promises that were made at the time of hiring.

This will segue into a detailed explanation of your employment history. Make sure you tell your Orange County employment lawyer all the relevant facts relating to the nature of your employment and the discrimination that occurred. You will have to discuss issues such as raises and bonuses, performance evaluations, transfers or demotions, promotions, suspensions, or any disciplinary actions that were taken against you in the workplace.

If you’re considering filing a discrimination claim against your current or former employer, contact dedicated Orange County employment lawyer Reed Aljian today for a free evaluation of your case.