Evaluating Your Employment History

If you think you have suffered unlawful retaliation or termination at your place of work, you may be considering contacting an employment attorney. There are many factors that an Orange County employment lawyer will consider when deciding whether or not to take your case.

The attorney will look at your entire chronological employment history and ask whether you gave your employer competent service during your employment period. Is your work record good with positive evaluations, merit increases, or bonuses? Or are you a problem employee with a history of bad or mediocre performance reviews and disciplinary actions taken? The paper trial is important, as a good one will impress a jury while a bad one is difficult to explain away.

Any jury trial hinges on the question of how other similarly situated employees were treated compared to you. Your attorney will want to know if similarly situated employees were treated consistently, especially in discrimination cases, because that can make the difference between a verdict in your favor or against.

Were you actually guilty of misconduct? If so, are there any mitigating circumstances that explain your behavior? And did you or did you not receive any disciplinary action for it? Are there other similarly situated employees who engaged in the same behavior, and, if so, how were they dealt with?

Was your penalty too severe for your misbehavior? Or was your penalty unusual to the past behavior of your employer when it comes to disciplinary action?

If you have further questions about your employment law issue, contact experienced Orange County employment attorney Reed Aljian for a free initial consultation.