Fair Employment Director’s Big News

Irvine Employment LawyerAt one time, not too long ago, Phyllis Cheng held a position as one of California’s most well-respected and highest ranking anti-discrimination officials. She fought for the rights of employees of many backgrounds and careers at Fair Employment’s headquarters. Just after leaving her post for good at Fair Employment, she joined up with a major downtown Los Angeles law firm as a premier partner to continue to pursue the equality cause. An Irvine employment lawyer will strive to¬†follow the model Cheng has set in her progress in the fight against discrimination. The goal of such legal officials is to make the work place a fair environment for everyone and to fight back against injustice in the office, an issue that is increasingly common in the modern workforce.

Cheng decided to start a new chapter in her career teaming up alongside other fair employment advocates after a hiring scandal took place at the offices of Fair Employment, although it was not confirmed whether or not this had to do with her decision to leave. The scandal did however set off an investigation of Fair Employment’s hiring practices over the course of the last five years. An Irvine employment lawyer is here for those who have been treated unfairly at their jobs or while trying to get a job at companies of all kinds including those like Fair Employment who crossed the lines into discrimination.

The Los Angeles firm for which Cheng now works claims she is impressive and seasoned and that she is a definite asset to the law practice and what it is seeking to accomplish.

If you have been treated unfairly in a work situation, you should contact an Irvine employment attorney who can help you to discover whether or not legal action is the right plan for you. No one should have to suffer the pain of discrimination and such misconduct should always be reported. You can find an experienced attorney you can trust by calling Daily Aljian LLP. Daily Alijian is reachable by phone at 949-861-2524 during business hours and is ready to take your call.

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