Mental Examinations

Costa Mesa Employment Lawyer WomanIn some cases, your Costa Mesa employment lawyer may inform you that a mental examination may be necessary in your employment law case. This process is broken down into three phases.

Ability to Function

Your Costa Mesa employment lawyer can explain that the first order of business is to determine your current ability to function. The psychiatrist who evaluates you assesses your appearance and demeanor, your thought processes and your cognitive functioning. The first assessment involves looking at how you are dressed, whether you cooperate with the process and whether you arrived to the appointment on time. The second assessment involves analyzing whether you hallucinate, think in a linear manner, provide appropriate answers or obsess over certain topics. The final assessment looks at your short-term and long-term memory. It also examines whether you are aware of certain issues and problems.


Your Costa Mesa employment attorney will explain that the second step is for the psychiatrist to learn about your relevant background. This process often requires the psychiatrist to delve into your childhood. He or she may ask about any abandonment issues or abuse that you experienced while growing up. He or she might also ask about the existence of any mental disorders in your family. Additionally, this process involves assessing your current illness, the occurrence of symptoms, how symptoms affect your daily life and your history of treatment.

Alternative Sources

The psychiatrist will also examine whether there is another cause contributing to your mental illness. He or she will also assess whether you have an underlying motive to demonstrate symptoms. The psychiatrist might ask if you have any current stress factors in your life such as financial issues or family loss. Additionally, he or she may see if there is a history of child abuse in your family. Finally, the psychiatrist may try to determine if you have an ulterior motive, such as trying to get a sizable settlement.


The psychiatrist may conduct a series of tests to determine whether you have a mental illness. For more information and assistance with your employment law case, contact Daily Aljian LLP at 949-861-2524.

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