Mediation: How It Works

Orange County employment attorneyAn Orange County employment attorney explains how you should approach the mediation process and outlines what you should or should not do.

Trust Your Lawyer

Your attorney is there to act in your behalf. He or she will have evaluated your case and decided on an offer that is the least that you and your attorney may be willing to consider. If all goes well, the opposition will agree or perhaps counter with a higher offer. If so, receive the news with no change of expression. Trust your attorney to make every effort to work for the highest achievable settlement figure. If you are asked for information, refer all questions to your attorney, saying only that you will defer to his or her advice. Any questions of yours should be kept for such times as the mediator is not present.

Don’t Discuss the Meetings

You must not make any mention of the mediation meetings or anything that occurs in them to anyone. This protects both sides, as nothing said in mediation can be used in court. This requirement for total confidentiality applies to all members of your family and those closest to you and anyone else with whom you may have even casual contact. Keep the fact that there is even a mediation in contemplation or progress completely private. There can be no exceptions. Any betrayal on your part of what might have been said at a mediation meeting could adversely affect your settlement.

Make the Right Choice

Make sure you understand the mediation process. Contact Daily Aljian LLP, your Orange County employment attorney, at 949-861-2524 today for information, assistance or representation.

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