An Irvine Employment Attorney Discusses Confidentiality

Loose Lips Sink Employment Law Cases

Your Irvine employment attorney can probably regale you with tales of woe that all center around the same theme—the plaintiff talked too much and either destroyed or severely damaged their case. Confidentiality is vital to the success of your case.

“You Have to Promise Not to Say a Word…”

Irvine employment attorneyAs your Irvine employment lawyer can inform you, a case can materially harmed even by such offhand remarks as the following:

  • “I’m terrified of lawsuits. If my employer will not settle out of court, I’m going to drop it.”
  • “They’d better not find out about the harassment cases I settled in my last two jobs.”
  • “If they pay me enough, I will back off.” (The amount expressed is far less than the demand value.)
  • “I got (insert dollar value here), but keep this under your hat. I signed a paper saying I that I would not say how much my settlement was.”

The Job Search Issue

Your Irvine employment lawyer can point to one of the most frequent scenarios—the job search. No one wants to tell a prospective employer that they left due to an untenable work situation, and no employer wants to hire someone who has a history of harassment suits. Therefore, the job seeker usually gives some other reason for why he or she left or were fired. Unfortunately, that gives the defense the opportunity to dispute the employee’s claim regarding having been harassed at all. As your Irvine employment attorney will emphasize, it is vital that you be honest and forthcoming.

Public Communications

An experienced Irvine employment attorney will advise you that your employer’s email account is not private, and using it can jeopardize your case. Your employer has access to any message you send. The same applies to faxed communications—they are open to unauthorized eyes.

Protect Yourself by Contacting an Irvine Employment Lawyer Today

An Irvine employment attorney can advise you regarding your employment case and explain how you can maintain confidentiality. For more information, call Reed Aljian and Justin Daily at Daily Aljian, LLP today at 949-861-2524 for a free initial consultation.

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