An Employment Attorney in Orange County Discusses Press Releases

What Is the Purpose of Sending Out a Press Release?

Your employment attorney in Orange County can tell you that this is a common practice. The primary reason is to attract witnesses—or possibly more plaintiffs—who might be of assistance and to gather additional data that might help the case. However, there is also the possibility that the notoriety achieved might convince the employer to reach an amicable settlement.

How Is a Press Release Structured?

employment attorney in Orange CountyYour employment attorney in Orange County can demonstrate that there are four primary paragraphs that together comprise a press release.

  • Paragraph 1 gives the subject of the release (you, as the plaintiff, have filed a lawsuit) and states who is being sued (the defendant), the reasons for the lawsuit as listed in the complaint, the case number and the court involved.
  • Paragraph 2 elaborates on your case, listing some of the information supporting your claims.
  • In Paragraph 3, your attorney will give his or her remarks concerning the case, the applicable laws and will ask for anyone with information or who can serve as a witness to come forward.
  • Finally, in Paragraph 4, your employment attorney in Orange County will give information on how his or her office can be contacted by any interested parties.

Where Will It Be Sent?

Your employment lawyer in Orange County can advise you that there are several new organizations that will pick the story up and release it worldwide. These include US Newswire and PR Web, as well as news media at the national, state and local levels. Your attorney will also send the release to TV and radio stations, Internet news websites and such newspapers as the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and the Washington Post. A genuinely notable case might also involve a press conference, at which you and your employment attorney in Orange County will be present, but your attorney will speak for you.

Contact an Employment Lawyer in Orange County

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