Bank of America faces Countrywide lawsuit

August 24, 2011

Last month, several Bank of America investors filed suit against the bank claiming that Countrywide Financial Corp. misled investors about their transition from being a traditional lender to a high-risk lender. Investors involved in the lawsuit include the California Public Employees’ Retirement System, BlackRock Inc., the Montana Board of Investors, and 13 more.  In the…

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Apple and 5 publishers sued over eBook pricing

August 22, 2011

Earlier this month, a class-action lawsuit was filed in the Northern District of California against Apple, Simon & Schuster, MacMillan, HarperCollins, Penguin, and Hachette.  The lawsuit alleges that the companies worked together to develop a pricing model that created an unfair economic advantage. Apple is accused of working together with the publishers to establish their…

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Panda Express in San Jose sued for national origin discrimination

August 18, 2011

A national origin discrimination lawsuit was recently filed in the U.S. District Court in San Jose alleging the Panda Express restaurant on El Paseo de Saratoga discriminates against Latino employees and favored Asian employees. The company, based in Rosemead, does have a discrimination policy but “there was a failure to implement it,” according to the…

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MGA wins trade secrets trial against Mattel

August 15, 2011

Earlier this month, MGA Entertainment Inc. won a trial against Mattel concerning their Bratz line of dolls and alleged trade secrets and unfair business practices.  The verdict awarded MGA $309 million in damages and other costs. The legal battle between both California toy manufacturers began nearly 8 years ago when Mattel filed suit against MGA…

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AT&T awaits approval of T-Mobile acquisition

August 11, 2011

After submitting a $39 million bid to acquire T-Mobile, AT&T is currently awaiting approval of the bid from both federal and state officials. California’s Public Utilities Commission has already met 7 times to discuss the acquisition and the Federal Communications Commission and Justice Department are also considering the bid. If the acquisition is approved by…

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Donald Trump sued over contract disputes

August 8, 2011

ALM International is pursing commercial litigation against Donald Trump for his alleged failure to make payments regarding his Trump clothing brand.  Trump’s company hired ALM in 2003 to help them obtain clothing licensing for his line of dress shirts and neckwear. ALM planned meetings with companies in the apparel industry and Trump.  Ultimately, PVH, previously…

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Homeowners file suit against developer and city

August 3, 2011

Three homeowners from Bonita Springs have filed a residential real estate lawsuit against their homes’ developer and the city of Bonita Springs.  According to the lawsuit, the city worked in violation of their land-use plan when they gave the developer, Centex Homes, permission to decrease lot sizes in the city’s Hawthorne gated community. Lot sizes…

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Seal Beach’s toxic pollution cleanup begins

July 29, 2011

For decades, the city of Seal Beach has struggled with multiple gasoline leaks caused by Arco, a former gas station. Gasoline spilled into the soil, releasing benzene, a carcinogen known to cause leukemia. The cleanup effort has just begun. The Orange County Health Care Agency says that vapor extraction wells have been installed and are…

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Motorcyclist seriously injured after being dragged on highway

July 26, 2011

According to the California Highway Patrol, a motorcyclist was seriously injured in an accident involving two vehicles in the eastbound lanes of Highway 91.  The three collided at around 4:45 p.m. on Monday afternoon near Gypsum Canyon Road. Investigators are currently unsure of exactly how the accident occurred or how the motorcyclist ended up being…

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