Homeowners file suit against developer and city

Three homeowners from Bonita Springs have filed a residential real estate lawsuit against their homes’ developer and the city of Bonita Springs.  According to the lawsuit, the city worked in violation of their land-use plan when they gave the developer, Centex Homes, permission to decrease lot sizes in the city’s Hawthorne gated community.

Lot sizes on Yorkstone Road were reduced in width from 125 feet to 55 feet and, as a result, the homes decreased in value.  Court documents read, “The changes in lot widths from 125 feet to 55 feet will diminish the aesthetic character of the neighborhood by reducing house sizes and setbacks, increase traffic, add noise to the area and result in lower property values for the plaintiffs.”

Centex was said to have decided to change the size of the lots because of the struggling economy.  The developer says that when they went to the city about the changes, city officials said that the matter should be held administratively instead of through a public hearing.

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