MGA wins trade secrets trial against Mattel

Earlier this month, MGA Entertainment Inc. won a trial against Mattel concerning their Bratz line of dolls and alleged trade secrets and unfair business practices.  The verdict awarded MGA $309 million in damages and other costs.

The legal battle between both California toy manufacturers began nearly 8 years ago when Mattel filed suit against MGA for copyright-infringement.  According to the lawsuit, an employee at Mattel came up with the Bratz doll concept and later took the idea to MGA.

Mattel executives believed that the employee’s contract entitled them to all of the rights to the Bratz dolls.  However, MGA denied Mattel’s claims and filed suit against them for unfair business practices, stealing trade secrets, and corporate spying.

The recent ruling found MGA to be the rightful owner of the Bratz line of dolls.  In addition, the jury agreed that Mattel stole trade secrets concerning the product.

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