An Orange County Employment Attorney Explains Goals of a Sexual Harassment Deposition

If you are involved in a sexual harassment suit, your Orange County employment attorney will prepare you for the deposition. One area that will be the focus of the deposition is the exact nature of the alleged harassment.

Important to the Plaintiff’s Attorney

If you are being represented as the plaintiff, your employment attorney in Orange County will want to prove that the harassment you received was both severe and pervasive.

Important to the Defense Attorney

The defense attorney will want to prove, above all, that there was no harassment. If this cannot be proven, it will be necessary for the defense to prove that any harassment was neither severe nor pervasive.

Important to Both Attorneys

Orange County employment attorneyRegardless of the capacity in which your Orange County employment attorney is representing you, there are particular aspects of the case that will be of importance to both sides—for instance, the specifics of the harassing behavior, as well as whether or not it interfered with the plaintiff’s work or caused humiliation. Why, when, and where the harassing behavior occurred will be crucial pieces of information. If there were any witnesses, both attorneys will want to address who they were and what they saw. As mentioned above, the frequency and severity of the conduct will be necessary to ascertain to prove either side of the claim.

An Employment Attorney in Orange County Can Help

If you are filing a harassment claim, a knowledgeable Orange County employment attorney can help you with your case. Contact Daily Aljian LLP today at 949-861-2524 for more information.

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