An Employment Attorney in Orange County Discusses Protected Classification and Sexual Harassment

When filing a claim based on sexual harassment in the workplace, it will be up to your employment attorney in Orange County to keep you informed regarding the most important aspects of your case that need to be proven to convince a jury. The conduct must meet the “protected classification” for sexual harassment, meaning it must be proven to the jury that you were the target of verbal or physical sexual conduct, or received sexual requests or sexual advances.

Nature of the Conduct

employment attorney in Orange CountyFor your Orange County employment attorney to prove that the conduct classifies as sexual harassment, the behavior must be sexual in nature—examples being suggestive messages or language that is deemed sexually graphic. The behavior may also be based on sex if, for example, the boss gave preferential treatment to workers of a specific sex.

If your employer’s conduct falls under the following categories, your employment attorney in Orange County can file a sexual harassment claim:

  1. Making contact that is considered sexual in nature, such as inappropriate and unwanted touching, rubbing, and kissing.
  2. Using sexual terminology regarding a person’s physical appearance, descriptive terms that are obscene and degrading in a sexual manner, and sexually-tinged verbally abusive comments.
  3. Jokes, slurs and comments that could be considered sexual.
  4. Visually sexual behaviors such as inappropriate staring, gestures taking a sexual undertone, images, messages and videos.
  5. Making threats of consequences for a refusal or for complaining about sexual suggestions.
  6. Making an offer of improvement in work station (such as a promotion) in exchange for sexual contact.
  7. Making sexual advances that are not wanted.

Preparing for Your Deposition in a Sexual Harassment Case

Sexual conduct at work can come in many other forms. When you are being prepared to give your deposition, your employment attorney in Orange County will help you understand exactly how the conduct for which you are filing a case meets the requirements for “protected classification.”

Speak to an Experienced Orange County Employment Attorney

If you are considering filing a case for sexual harassment at work, it is important to speak to an experienced employment attorney in Orange County. Daily Aljian LLP can assist you with your case. Call 949-861-2524 to discuss your case today.

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