An Orange County Commercial Litigation Lawyer Discusses Objections You Might Hear at Your Deposition

Orange County commercial litigation lawyerIf you are involved in an employment lawsuit, your deposition will be crucial to the success of your case. You will be asked many questions about the issue that led to the suit, and your Orange County commercial litigation lawyer will be present to help you. While he cannot answer questions for you, he might object if the opposing counsel asks questions that are inappropriate.

Here are some common objections you might hear from your Orange County commercial litigation attorney:


This means that the attorney has asked two questions in one, when they should be asked separately.

Asked and Answered

You might hear this if the opposing attorney is unhappy with the way you answered a question; he might ask the question in a slightly different way to try to get a different answer. If your Orange County commercial litigation attorney objects this way, it means that you have already answered the question and do not need to answer it again or say anything differently.

Document Speaks for Itself

The opposing counsel might show you a document and try to get you to describe it or restate what it says in a certain way. This objection indicates that your Orange County commercial litigation lawyer thinks this isn’t necessary, and the most you should do is quote from the document directly rather than paraphrasing.


This means your Orange County commercial litigation lawyer thinks the question does not make any sense. Wait for the lawyer to repeat it.

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