Leading Causes of Auto Accidents in Orange County

Millions of deaths in the United States each year are caused by auto accidents.  Although some accidents are caused for strange or random reasons, the majority of all auto accidents are the result of four issues.  Knowing these causes ahead of time can help you avoid the pain and suffering caused by being in an auto accident.  The following are top causes of auto accidents:

Driving Over the Speed Limit

Speeding, or driving over the speed limit, is something almost everyone does sometimes, and it shows in accident statistics.  Speeding is the second largest cause of all auto accidents in the United States.  Speeding makes it harder for the driver to react to obstacles or traffic and is more likely to cause spin-outs or sliding on slick roads.  Accidents caused by speeding are also completely preventable – make sure you always drive at the speed limit.

Distracted Driving

Statistics will tell you that the majority of all car accidents – nearly 80 percent – occur because the driver is distracted, often for only five seconds or less.   Activities such as texting, checking directions on a map or navigation system, changing the radio station or eating take the driver’s attention away from where it should be – on the road.

Drunk Driving

Driving drunk is a well-known cause of car accidents, many of them involving serious injury or even death.  Driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence makes drivers slower to respond to obstacles or changes in driving conditions.  Being drunk behind the wheel can also lead to recklessness or a lowered ability to see other vehicles, objects or pedestrians in the road.

Poor Weather Conditions

Michigan weather is unpredictable and can be extreme.  Snow, ice, rain storms, hail and fog are all common road conditions that can lead to auto accidents if drivers are not careful.  Even for experienced drivers, extreme weather can make control of the car difficult, leading to an accident.  Drivers who must drive in poor weather conditions should exercise great caution to ensure they remain in control of their car.

Even if you are a careful driver, it can still be a risky activity.   You cannot control the drivers around you, so being aware of possible risks and dangers on the road is important.  The more carefully you drive, the lower the chance is that you will be involved in an accident.  But even safe drivers are involved in auto accidents some times.  If you or a loved one are one of those unlucky victims, you should consult with an experienced Orange County auto accident attorney by filling out the form below.

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