An Irvine Employment Law Firm Attorney Discusses Letters of Recommendation and Reference

Irvine employment law firmIn this blog, an attorney from an Irvine employment law firm outlines the purposes, importance and suggested content of letters of departure, reference and recommendation.

The Letter of Departure
This letter is generated as a farewell when you leave a company due to a discrimination case. Management is expected to route the letter or the email to all company personnel. The letter tells them that you are leaving, that you have done your job well and that they wish you good fortune in the days to come. Your Irvine employment lawyer will require this prior to your settlement and ascertain that it is signed by the proper individual.

The stipulation in your settlement agreement might read as follows:
“Company will circulate either a written document or email to all personnel apprising them that (name) is leaving the company. A copy of the letter or printout of the email is included under the designation ‘Exhibit B.’ ”

Under this condition, any requests for information concerning you or your employment with the company will be handled by the appropriate individuals. Normally this falls under the authority of the human resources or personnel departments. These people will be confined to the specifications of the reference letter if they should have to frame a response to such an inquiry.

Terminology in your settlement agreement might read:
“Company will restrict any answers to reference inquiries to dates of employment and position title.”

Negative information
Your Irvine employment lawyer will specify in your settlement that the company agrees not to make anything available to anyone that could reflect to your disadvantage. This ensures that you leave the company with no blemish on your character or your professional reputation. This helps to preclude the possibility of your discrimination case causing harm to your chances of future employment.

Be Sure Your Future Is Protected
Don’t take chances with future employment opportunities by overlooking possible residual harm from your discrimination case. Contact Daily Aljian LLP, with your Irvine employment law firm, by calling 949-861-2524 today.

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