An Employment Lawyer in Irvine Discusses Broker’s Role If Insurer Refuses Coverage

employment lawyer in IrvineIn this blog, an experienced employment lawyer in Irvine explains why he may choose to involve a broker or insurance agent if coverage is declined.

How the Agent Fits In
If you find that certain provisions are not present in an insurance policy, you and your employment attorney in Irvine will find a valuable resource in the insurance agent or broker who helped you select the original policy.

Inadvertent Omissions
Both you and the insurance agent or broker are responsible for reviewing your final policy to be certain that all of the claims, provisions and the coverage that you intended to be included actually appear in the policy in its final issued form. It is possible, however, that even through a simple mistake like a typographical error something might have been left out.

Brochures and Flyers
Ordinarily, insurance policies contain a clause indicating that the policy is an agreed-upon contract between the parties involved and supersedes any other arrangements in either oral or written form. Nevertheless, even a broker or an agent can be misled by advertising or promotional flyers, brochures and other materials. In such a situation, the insurance company will be expected to make such modifications as are necessary to make the policy consistent with the advertising materials. Because these materials are issued only to the agents, neither you nor your employment attorney in Irvine are likely to have the opportunity to review them. This being the case, your broker’s participation becomes necessary as you and your attorney answer the correspondence from the insurance company that declined your coverage.

Stay Informed
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