How to Prove Intent

November 4, 2015

In disparate treatment employment discrimination claims, an Irvine employment lawyer can explain that you must prove intent in order to be successful. Your Irvine employment lawyer will attempt to get proof of intent during the deposition of the decision maker. This can be accomplished in a number of ways. Admission Although it is unlikely, the…

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Entity Formation

October 29, 2015

A Business Lawyer Orange County on the Benefit of Consulting a Lawyer when Starting a Business While it is certainly true that many new enterprises begin on a tight budget, and it’s prudent to avoid unnecessary expenditures, it may be a wise investment to seek the advice of a lawyer before you actually begin conducting…

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Paid Sick Leave Law

October 23, 2015

An Irvine employment lawyer can explain that California employees are entitled to paid sick leave due to a law that was enacted on January 1, 2015 and became effective on July 1, 2015. There are certain guidelines and exceptions related to this rule. Guidelines Paid sick leave is provided to employees for 30 days or…

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Property Liens

October 20, 2015

Our Orange County construction lawyer is sometimes questioned about liens and how those will affect a project. Also called mechanic’s liens, these liens place a financial hold on the property if the supplier, contractor or builder is not paid for their work. In the event of a lien, the owner will not be able to…

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Breach of Duty

October 14, 2015

Our Orange County business litigation lawyer is sometimes asked what will happen if a director fails to fulfill his or her duties. The following information provides insight into a director’s duties, responsibilities and possible breaches. Duties of a Director The director’s duties include: Acting within his or her powers; Promoting the company’s success; Exercising independent…

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Understanding Business Agreements

October 8, 2015

When forming a small business, it is important to have a business attorney Orange County walk you through the myriad commercial agreements you will have to set up. Any properly formed business necessitates drafting and approving a variety of formal contracts that govern different aspects of the business such as the office lease, purchase-of-goods agreements,…

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What Jobs Does an Orange County Construction Lawyer Have?

October 3, 2015

An Orange County construction attorney may work on a wide variety of cases pertaining to the construction industry. For an attorney to be in effective in this area, he or she should be knowledgeable about a variety of laws that construction projects encompass. Workers’ Compensation One source of law that may affect construction projects is…

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Due Diligence

September 28, 2015

Orange County business consulting attorneys often complete what is referred to as “due diligence.” This is a process in which attorneys review the relative health of a business, profit potential and possible risks so that they can advise their clients about the possibility of buying a particular business. Business Finances The most important aspect of…

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Pros and Cons of Business Loans

September 23, 2015

Loans are a way of life for many people. They often need a loan to buy a house or a vehicle because they do not have enough cash on hand to pay the full purchase price. However, problems may develop with the acquisition of too many loans, overwhelming debtors with large payments and high risks.…

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