What Jobs Does an Orange County Construction Lawyer Have?

An Orange County construction attorney may work on a wide variety of cases pertaining to the construction industry. For an attorney to be in effective in this area, he or she should be knowledgeable about a variety of laws that construction projects encompass.

Workers’ Compensation

One source of law that may affect construction projects is workers’ compensation law. If an employee is injured, he or she may be entitled to payment of medical expenses and wage replacement. However, this area of the law gets more complex when involving construction companies, contractors and subcontractors and determining which party is responsible for carrying coverage and which individuals it covers.


An Orange County construction lawyer may focus primarily on transactional work, such as negotiating and drafting contracts. He or she may also help in providing an initial bid on projects or helping to ensure that a client complies with government contracts, which may involve special local, state and federal rules and procedures.


If there is a problem with the contract or there is a dispute that arises for another reason, a construction lawyer may also help resolve such issues. In construction law, there are heightened duties that the parties owe each other. The contractor has the duty to warn the homeowner if he or she is contemplating a design that could be unsafe or cause damage. The owner has the duty not to interfere with the contractor’s execution of his or her duties.

Legal Assistance

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