How An Orange County Business Attorney Will Evaluate Your Case

When you contact a Orange County business attorney for your employment case, you will be asked several basic questions to help them evaluate your case. You will probably be asked to prepare a detailed chronology of all the facts and circumstances of your employment, beginning with your initial hiring and ending with the action that led you to want to pursue an employment-related claim (e.g. your termination). Here are some basic steps you should consider if you are considering contacting an employment attorney.

What to include

Make copies of any paperwork you have relevant to your employment history, such as your hiring letter, the employee handbook, and your termination letter. If you have copies of your performance reviews or any awards or commendations you received over the course of your employment, include those as well. Your ability and willingness to provide these documents will provide your Orange County business attorney with an indication as to how cooperative of a client you will be.

What your lawyer is looking for

There are a few questions your lawyer will be looking to answer when evaluating your case. • How competent and loyal of an employee were you? Does your work record include good evaluations, raises, bonuses and other notices that you were doing a good job? Or does the record include mediocre or bad performance reviews and a few write-ups for poor performance? This paper trail will be critical to the jury’s perception of your time as an employee.

  • Do you know how similarly situated employees were treated? If you are alleging discrimination, this may be a key factor. Can you point to other employees who were similarly situated as you but who were consistently rewarded or promoted ahead of you for similar performance? Were you treated the same as other employees?
  • Are the allegations against you true? If so, can you provide a reason or defense of that behavior? Do you know of other employees who behaved the same way and received more or less severe punishments?
  • Did the punishment fit your action? Was the penalty an overreaction in your view? Was it in accordance with the employee handbook?

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