Jury Rejects Breach of Contract Lawsuit Agasint Ex-Baseball Player

A breach of contract lawsuit filed against former Major League Baseball player Brian Giles was rejected by a jury in Los Angeles Friday.

According to court documents, the contract lawsuit was filed against the 40 year-old ex-ball player by 34 year-old Cheri Olvera, Giles’ former girlfriend. The lawsuit, filed in 2008, claimed Giles had violated the terms of an unsigned prenuptial contract to provide for Olvera financially.

According to San Diego Superior Court records, Giles and Olvera had planned to marry but the wedding was cancelled. The jury rejected Olvera’s claim, ordering her to return a $107,000 engagement ring given to her by Giles. The judge refused to allow any testimony about alleged steroid use by Giles.

Olvera is now engaged to former major-league player Chuck Knoblauch.

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