Employment Lawyers in Orange County Explain Employer Responsibilities

Employment lawyers Orange County can explain that when you hire your first employee, you have many responsibilities. These include:

Obtain en EIN

An employer identification number is necessary for tax returns and other filings with the Internal Revenue Service. Download form SS-4 from the IRS website and submit it.

Register with the Labor Department

As an employer, you are responsible for paying state unemployment taxes. Contact your local state labor department to complete the necessary registration process.

Acquire Workers’ Compensation

Insurance You may also be required to have a workers’ compensation insurance policy in case your employee is hurt on the job.

Complete Employment Eligibility Verification

Complete a Form I-9 for each new employee. This form is used to verify that an employee is legally eligible to work in the United States and is required under immigration law.

Report Employees to the New Hire Reporting Agency

The New Hire Reporting Program was set up to help track information about parents who owe child support. Your local office can be found at the website for the Administration for Children & Families.

Set Up Payroll

Establish a payroll system so that you can withhold the proper amount of taxes from each employee. Employment lawyers Orange County can explain that you are required to deposit these withholdings with the IRS. As part of this process, have each employee complete a Form W-4 that shows how many allowances they plan to claim.

Legal Assistance

These are just a few of a new employer’s responsibilities. For more information on your legal responsibilities, contact employment lawyers Orange County from Daily Aljian LLP.

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