How to Develop a Good Working Relationship With Your Irvine Business Lawyer

Irvine business lawyerIf you intend to file a claim against a former employer, you would be well served to retain a skilled Irvine business lawyer. Just as you’ll be interviewing potential clients, you’ll also be evaluated to see if you will make for a decent client. Keep in mind that an Irvine business attorney will often take your case on a contingency basis. This means they won’t get paid unless you are awarded a settlement. That’s why they have to be very selective when picking a client because they’ll devote many hours to resolving a claim.

What a Lawyer Looks for in Client

Every Irvine business lawyer has a method for evaluating potential clients. Obviously, they will want to know if you have a solid case. This means you’ll have to share the basics of your claim with that Irvine business attorney in your first consultation. They will also be looking for someone who is a team player. When you enlist the services of an Irvine business attorney, you’re not just going to be working with that lawyer but their entire staff. This means on some level you have to impress the rest of the law office as well. That is easily accomplished by just staying courteous and respectful.

Additional Qualities That Make a Good Client

Another key factor that a Irvine business lawyer will look at is whether or not you will be sympathetic to a jury. How will you come across? They want someone who can engage the jury with their story and not put them off. Although it’s vital that a client have input in their case, an Irvine business lawyer doesn’t want someone who might second-guess their decisions. There shouldn’t be arguments about “what to do next.” Instead, you need to put trust into the lawyer that will be handling your case. Let their experience and skill take the lead.

Find Support With the Right Irvine Business Lawyer

Even if an Irvine business lawyer wants to take you on as a client, you still have the right to question his or her experience and talk to previous clients. This information should be happily shared with you. An Irvine business lawyer at Daily Aljian LLP is the kind of skilled attorney you should consider to handle your case. Call the office today at 949-861-2524 to set up your first meeting.

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