You Must Offer the Examiner Written Materials That Support Your Case

Orange County business litigation lawyerTo win your employment lawsuit, you must give the examiner written materials that prove your claims. A knowledgeable Orange County business litigation lawyer will be able to obtain any documents and materials you must submit to the examiner.

What You and Your Orange County Business Litigation Lawyer Can Do to Win Your Employment Case

It’s not unusual for you to feel as if the employer’s defendant has the upper hand as that is sometimes the case. But you and your Orange County business litigation lawyer can level the playing field by taking the two steps explained below:

  1. Get an idea of what exactly will happen. Ask your Orange County business litigation lawyer about how the lawsuit will unfold and what things you should expect.
  2. Protect yourself by submitting the right document to the examiner. Your Orange County business litigation attorney will alert you to the fact that the defense counsel will attempt to influence the examiner’s conclusions by giving him selective documents (complaints, employment evaluation, deposition records, etc.) and potentially negative personal information about you (e.g., you filed for divorce because you committed adultery, or you were sexually abused as a minor). You can tell your side of your story by providing the examiner with your own written information.

Give the Materials to the Examiner Even If He or She Doesn’t Want to Review Them

Your Orange County business litigation attorney will assist you by gathering a packet of useful declarations, deposition testimony and other materials that bolster your claims.

For your part, you must give such materials to the examiner even if he doesn’t want to see them. If he declines to review them, just leave them in his office. This is important because the examiner risks damaging his credibility if he neglects to review them. For instance, he may face accusations of bias if he reviewed materials from the defense counsel but ignored your materials. Your attorney can also challenge the meat of the examiner’s opinion by arguing that he did not take into account pertinent information.

The law offices of Daily Aljian LLP are ready to provide you with legal assistance in your employment lawsuit. Our experienced Orange County business litigation lawyer will investigate all facts of your case to work to prove that you were a victim of workplace abuse or discrimination. Please call us today at 949-861-2524 for a free initial consultation.

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