Challenge Declined Coverage With the Help of a Costa Mesa Business Attorney

Costa Mesa business attorneyAs a business owner, one of your responsibilities is to carry a thorough insurance policy. This policy should cover your interests as they pertain to liability and employee issues. However, if your insurer opts to decline your coverage, you should contact an experienced Costa Mesa business attorney. With the right kind of legal counsel, you could present a compelling case to your insurance company as to why they should reconsider their decision. Your Costa Mesa business lawyer will take the lead in presenting your case.

Adding Information

As your Costa Mesa business attorney will remind you, the business world is full of boilerplate contracts and form letters. You might have gotten one of these notices with regard to your tendered claim. Before confronting your insurance company agent, review the disclaimer in your policy with your Costa Mesa business lawyer. Here is where you might find language that opens the door for a challenge in your disposition. It could come down to a matter of providing more information to your insurance company.

Although you might not understand all the legalese of your policy, your Costa Mesa business attorney will certainly be able to make sense of it all. A single “decline” doesn’t mean you need to automatically circle the wagons and head into battle. Use the sage counsel of your attorney to plot out your next move.

Keeping the Lines of Communication Open

A major benefit of retaining a Costa Mesa business attorney is that they’ll be able to keep the lines of communication open with your insurance carrier. By informing them that you received the notice and intend to dispute the matter lets them know you’re all still in business. The goal is for your Costa Mesa business attorney to make sure your insurance company keeps the file open on your claim until it is completely resolved. That can only happen when you’ve exhausted all your efforts for a favorable outcome with the help of your Costa Mesa business lawyer.

Put a Costa Mesa Business Attorney to Work for Your Company

The reason you have a strong Costa Mesa business attorney on your side is to handle all the “busy work” issues of dealing with an insurance company. After all, you’ve got a business to run. That’s why you want a lawyer like those at Daily Aljian LLP reviewing your case. You can set up an appointment by calling 949-861-2524  to discuss your claim.

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