Understanding Categories Not Protected By Title VII

Costa Mesa business lawyerA client of a Costa Mesa business lawyer often asks which categories aren’t protected under Title VII.

A Costa Mesa Business Attorney Will Explain That Sexual Orientation Is Not Protected
Your Costa Mesa business lawyer will tell you that discrimination based on sexual orientation is not prohibited in Title VII. It is possible to utilize being stereotyped because of gender to file a claim due to gender discrimination.

Your Costa Mesa Business Lawyer Will Tell You That Discrimination Based on Marital and Parental Status Is Not Prohibited
It is not permissible to claim discrimination through Title VII due to marital or parental status. It is not allowed for the employer to implement policies or practices that will discriminate against a mother unless it does against the father as well.

It Is Not Prohibited to Discriminate Due to Political Affiliation
Your Costa Mesa business attorney will not be able to file suit under Title VII because of discrimination based on political affiliation. An employee does receive protection under a federal statute protecting an individual’s First Amendment rights for freedom of political affiliation.

Age and Disability Are Not Protected Under Title VII
In spite of age and disability not being protected, your Costa Mesa business lawyer can file suit if there is discrimination based on age and disability. This is due to federal statutes relating to these issues.

Your Costa Mesa Business Lawyer Cannot File Suit Based on Discrimination Against Transsexuals and Transvestites Based on Title VII
A suit cannot be filed under Title VII if there is discrimination due to an employee being a transsexual or a transvestite. An attorney might be able to file suit based on gender stereotypes.

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