How Business Disputes Can Be Settled With Collaborative Legal Help

Orange County business consulting attorneys can help you to understand how collaborative law can assist in the resolution of commercial and business disputes.

How A Collaborative Approach Works

With collaborative law, the parties will both retain trained attorneys who are committed from the start to assist clients in reaching a settlement that benefits everyone. This is exemplified by the agreement on the part of the attorneys that they will withdraw if no settlement is reached. The participants are there to negotiate with one another and the attorneys can provide guidance without being directly involved. Neutral assistance can be provided by financial people, accountants, and other experts.

How Business Disputes Can Be Settled By Collaborative Lawyers

Initially, collaborative law was used in family cases. The idea was to tamp down on the negativity and get the parties to cooperate to foster a relationship after the divorce is finalized. This idea extended to business disputes. If there is a significant amount of disagreement, it can harm an otherwise successful business partnership. These businesses are often similar to families and the same strategies that worked with family law can work in business law.

Benefits Of Collaborative Legal Help

The following are known benefits of using a collaborative practice:

  1. Control – the parties are deeply involved in the negotiation and outcome.
  2. Knowledgeable people negotiate – the parties in dispute are leading the negotiations.
  3. The participants set the schedule – those who are engaged in collaborative negotiation will set their schedule and perhaps resolve the issues more quickly.
  4. It is less expensive – collaboration will not cost as much as a legal filing.
  5. Relationships can be saved – an otherwise positive business relationship might be destroyed by litigation while a collaborative approach can save it.
  6. Confidentiality is protected – a court case will be public record whereas a collaborative process can maintain privacy.

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