When Do I Need a Business Lawyer?

An Orange County business litigation attorney can provide legal services for a variety of situations. You do not need a lawyer in every scenario. However, here are a few indications of when you may need these services and should invest in them.

Tax Matters

The tax code is one of the most formidable components of law. Making a mistake can result in serious penalties, including incarceration or stiff penalties. If you are considering any transaction with significant tax implications, such as making special allocations of your profit or losses in an LLC agreement, contact an Orange County business litigation attorney.

Federal Standards Are Involved

If there are federal standards or oversight involved in your legal situation, it is probably not the best idea to skimp on legal services. For example, you may wind up paying heavy penalties for an environmental issue even if you were not the source of contamination.

Threat of a Lawsuit

Litigation is also a complex matter. If you are being threatened with a lawsuit by an employee, business associate, shareholder, customer or other individual, consider hiring a lawyer. You can easily lose a lawsuit by missing deadlines, not filing certain papers or not making valid arguments. Use the services of a professional if at all possible.

Contract Formation

Business lawyers can construct contracts that are more likely to be enforced by a court.

If you would like more information on when you may need the assistance of a business law attorney, contact the Orange County business litigation law firm of Daily Aljian LLP.

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