Attorneys Have the Power to Accept or Reject

An expert Orange County discrimination attorney will never accept an employment discrimination case without first investigating several important factors about the case.  These factors include a client’s criminal history, past unsavory behavior, and misrepresentations to the employer.

Orange County discrimination attorney


Criminal History and Past Unsavory Behavior

Defense attorneys will dredge up your criminal history in order to damage the reliability of your testimony. If you were ever fired from a job or have any notable complaints on your work history, the opposing counsel will present this information in court to imply that you are a dishonest, undeserving complainant and strengthen the defense’s case.

Although it is not necessarily fair for complainants to be judged based upon past mistakes like drug or alcohol abuse, you can be sure that the jury will be less likely to rule in your favor if you have an unsavory history.

Misrepresentation to the Employer

Tell your Orange County discrimination attorney if you ever lied to your employer regarding information on your resume, employment application, and/or company agreement. For instance, if you falsely claimed that you were proficient in computer programming and are claiming damages against your employer for discrimination, the jury may think that the ‘discrimination’ is simply a result of your misrepresentation to the company.

When you consult an Orange County discrimination attorney about a potential employment discrimination case, he or she will want to analyze the pros and cons of the case before deciding the best course of action.  Consult with a lawyer who will listen closely to your side of the story.  Call compassionate attorneys Reed Aljian and Justin Daily at (949) 861-2524.

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