Jurors Favor Pleasant Plaintiffs

More often than not, plaintiffs are the swaying factor in employment discrimination cases; usually, jury members will base their judgment on how engaging or uninviting a plaintiff is on the stand.  That’s why an Orange County discrimination lawyer will evaluate the likelihood of a complainant positively swaying the jury before he or she accepts the complainant’s case.

Orange County discrimination lawyer


First Meeting with an Attorney

  • People are correct when they say that first impressions are everything.
  • Seasoned workplace discrimination lawyers can assess a client’s personality at the first meeting.
  • Clients looking to make a positive first impression should be confident and friendly and avoid being excessively aggressive or overbearing.
  • Clients should also evaluate the Orange County discrimination lawyer’s personality to determine whether he or she will best represent the case in court.

Ideal Clients in the Courtroom

  • If a client makes a favorable impression upon an attorney, he or she will later testify in court.
  • Testimony can last for several days, so ideal complainants will use this time to engage the jury and win jurors over.
  • Plaintiffs should expect to undergo intense cross-examination from the defense’s attorney and experience stressful situations.
  • Clients should stay calm, tell a consistent version of events, and maintain a pleasant demeanor.
  • Jurors and attorneys do not like untrustworthy clients; they are drawn to relatable, sympathetic complainants.
  • In addition, clients should dress modestly and look tidy.

Overall, plaintiffs who represent themselves well in court tend to win more discrimination cases than unappealing plaintiffs.  Hire an Orange County discrimination lawyer who knows how to make a good impression on jurors.  Contact Daily Aljian LLP at (949) 861-2524.

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