4 Employment Lawyer Objections to a Deposition Question

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An Orange County Employment Law Lawyer Explains the Objection “Calls for a Legal Conclusion”

By making this objection, your attorney is trying to preserve the record, which the judge may rule on later, and caution you that you might not have understood the question. He will likely object to technical questions such as:

Q: “Do you understand the legal difference between an employee and an independent questions?”

Once your attorney objects, you should respond in the following manner:

A: “I’m not familiar with employment law and I don’t fully understand the question.”

A: “I’m not a legal expert and I don’t really get the question, but I’ll do my best to answer correctly.”

Your Orange County Employment Law Lawyer May Make the Objection “Complex” or “Confusing”

These objections will be raised in response to unduly lengthy questions that you might struggle to understand. In this case, answer only after the question is rearticulated.

An Orange County Employment Law Lawyer Discusses the Objection “Lack of Personal Knowledge”

Your Orange County employment law attorney will make this objection when the defense attorney asks you about topics which you have no personal knowledge. Never offer an answer based on speculations.

Your Orange County Employment Law Attorney Will Use the Objection “Unfair Characterization” to Protect You

This objection will be raised if the defense lawyer asks a question that misconstrues your statements in an earlier testimony; it is compatible with the “misstate prior testimony” objection. Once you hear this objection, include a disclaimer in your answer such as:

A: “I didn’t say it that way earlier, but…”

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